Invest In NeedaCar Website


How It Works.

Our investment is as simple as it gets.
When you invest your investing into the website your on right now.
We market this website to vehicle owners, and they post there vehicles onto our website for a FEE
which you share in the profits each month.

Once you invest your first payment will be on the 25th of the next month.
thereafter your paid out EVERY MONTH ON THE 25th.


Who long must I invest for?
There is no set time. When you want your money back you get your money back in full on your
last payout on the 25th


How safe is my money?
Your money is Safe. Investments always carry risk but This is a low risk investment.


How much can I invest?
The minimum is R5000.
Maximum is R100,000


How Much do I earn?
You earn 10% fixed per month. SO example you put in R20,000 you'll then earn 10%, which
is R2000

On R50,000 your making R5,000 per month. So you can have a great extra income.
On R100,000 your making R10,000 per month. Hey then who needs a job when your making so much.


WHATSAPP US ON 073 315 5715


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