About Us


Who we are?

Need A Car allows the public to post their vehicles that they would like to rent out daily, weekly or monthly. Registered members of Need A Car can then make offers on these vehicles to the owners via our website.

How we operate?

Vehicle owners list their vehicles on our website. An interested member would then contact the owner via our website. To protect the owner, contact is made only via our website. A deal is then concluded between the member and the owner. Need A Car only facilitates the communication between the two parties and is not involved in any of the financial interactions between the parties.


Where we operate?

Need A Car operates throughout the South Africa, and has 100's of vehicles, and members, close to you.

How are you protected?

The owner’s details are kept confidential until an appropriate lessee for the vehicle is found. This saves you the frustration of having 100s of people calling you. Once the vehicle lease is concluded it is up to the owner to give their insurance company the relevant details.


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Facebook: facebook.com/needacars

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