How to enter the competitions?

For Car Giveaways choose a subscription option. You can choose to be entered 1 x or even 5 x per Giveaway. We will have other Giveaways, which we will tell you about when they happen. These other Giveaways require a separate entry.

How is the winner selected?

Join us on our Facebook channel for a live drawing event, where you can witness the random selection of the winner in real-time. Using the Google Random Number Generator ensures a truly random winner selection, and we’ll walk you through the process to showcase its transparency. Interact with us during the live feed of each draw, adding an engaging element for our audience.

How do winners take delivery?

You can pick up your prize vehicles at our facility near Stellenbosch, where a handover ceremony will occur. In the event that the WINNER ONLY is unable to collect the vehicle, a cash alternative will be provided. Chris from NAC will typically oversee the handover and capture the moment on film, showcasing winners with their new vehicles on our NAC social channels for our extensive audience of car enthusiasts. For competition prizes that involve tech items, these will be dispatched directly to the delivery address registered in your account through a carrier service.

What’s the minimum age to take part?

If you are younger than 18 at the time of entry please do not enter as your entry will not be counted and no refund will be offered. Please visit our terms and conditions for full eligibility criteria.

Do you own the prizes?

Yes, we are proud to say that every prize you see available on NAC is owned by us prior to starting the competitions, giving you peace of mind and total confidence that the prizes are here, just waiting for their new owners to win them.

Can i enter from abroad?

Yes you can! But you will be only eligible for competitions with cash alternative. As we do not ship outside of South Africa

When are your draw dates?

The scheduled draw date for each competition is disclosed on the competition entry page within the details section, located directly below the total ticket count. If a competition attains its full ticket capacity before the initially proposed draw date, the live draw will be rescheduled to an earlier date, and the new date will be promptly announced.

Why you can trust NAC?

NEED A CAR forms part of the long-established, internationally-recognized automotive social media brand – NAC. With over 300,000 followers and millions of views on social media since launching in 2016, the NAC brand has continued to grow and diversify into new automotive markets to meet the demands and appetite of its audience. NAC is the latest addition to our portfolio and allows us to add a new dynamic to our channel, creating even more engagement for our followers where they can now win the cars they watch in our videos. Please visit our social channels using the links at the base of this page to see some of our latest uploads and recent content.

How does a live draw work?

Consider this example: a competition offers 7,995 entries. On entering, you’ll receive randomly assigned ticket numbers ranging from 1 to 7,995. For instance, you could be the first entry, but receive a randomly generated high number like 7,953. Conversely, if you enter late, the system might assign you a low number, say 8, if it’s still available. Whether the competition sells out or concludes with unsold tickets, all numbers from 1 to 7,995 are included in the random number generator. Once a random number is generated, we conduct a live cross-check against all assigned ticket numbers. If the number is taken, we have a winner. If not, we generate another random number and repeat the process until a winning number is found. This standardized method ensures fairness and is widely employed by reputable competition platforms to avoid any potential confusion.

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