Need A Car helps you make extra cash by securely listing your vehicle for rental whether it's daily, weekly, monthly rental or even Rent-To-Own.

Post any vehicle you like, cars, boats, motorcycles, offroad toys, caravans and even farm equipment!

Members can make offers on these vehicles. The deal is between the drivers and vehicle owners, Need A Car just facilitates the connection between the two users.

We are able to do the transaction if you would like to be more safe and secure.



The car will be owned by a fellow Need A Car member. So whether you need a car for the day or want to own a car, you can now make offers on any vehicles listed on our website. No matter if your blacklisted or not Need A Car is the place to get your vehicle.


Am I eligible to become a member?

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5 Simple steps for buyers/drivers

  1. Join the Need A Car as a Buyer/Driver

    A few simple checks, a friendly profile photo and you're all set for great value, local rentals.

  2. Book Find the vehicle and rental type you looking for

    Search the site to find a nearby vehicle at the right price.

  3. Make an offer

    Now that you found the vehicle you want make an offer, that suits your budget .

  4. Vehicle owner will contact you

    If the vehicle owner accepts your offer, they will either contact you online via NAC Trade messenger or will call you 

    to discuss everything.

  5. Meet owner and sign the deal

    Once all parties have come to arrangement you will vehicle the car at the vehicle owners preferred location, sign a deal and there you have you got the set of wheels you wanted.

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5 Simple steps for vehicle owners/sellers

  1. Add your car

    A simple online sign-up process. Then set if you want to Rent your vehicle our daily, weekly, monthly or rent-to-own bases, at prices you choose.

  2. Get a offer

    Receive rental requests from vetted members in your neighborhood - you control who you rent to.

  3. Select offer

    For safety you will be able to see all the drivers details you can contact them online via NAC Trade messenger or you can call the driver to discuss everything and how you will setup the contract.

  4. Meet the driver and sign the deal

    Make sure everything’s in order. If there’s anything amiss, then meet the driver, he can then view the vehicle and if you both happy sign a deal. Make sure you get all the driver documentation and proof of address. We have all documents but always best to have a copy for yourself.


  5. Kerching!

    Enjoy your earnings, to do with what you want like new TV or that holiday you been wanting.



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