So You Want To Register as a Driver/Buyer?



Need A Car & Take Over Installments

++READ THIS FIRST++ DOES NOT OWN VEHICLES. is a rent and rent-to-own classifieds.
Private people and companies post their vehicles on Need A Car website.

What kinds of posts are there?
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rentals & Rent-To-Own Vehicles 



1. First REGISTER with the Need A Car as a Buyer/Driver.

Need A Car & Take Over Installments

*A few simple checks, a friendly profile photo, input correct details and you're all set for great value, local RENT-TO-OWN or RENTALS



2. Search for a vehicle.

Need A Car & Take Over Installments

Find the vehicle and rental/rent-to-own type you looking for.
*Search the site to find a locally vehicle at the right price.



3. Make an offer.

Need A Car & Take Over Installments

*Now that you found the vehicle you want, make an offer that suits your budget. Many people are making offers on the same vehicle, so always OFFER YOUR BEST PRICE to the owner, don't just post a 0 and expect the owner to message you back or call you.



4. Vehicle owner will contact you within 5 days.

Need A Car & Take Over Installments

*If the vehicle owner accepts your offer, they will either contact you online via NEED A CAR messenger or will call you to discuss everything.
Offers are valid for 5 days, if the owner DOES NOT respond your offer will be automatically rejected and then youll be able to make another offer.



5. Meet owner and sign the deal.

Need A Car & Take Over Installments

*Once all parties have come to an arrangement you will then view the car at the owners preferred location, sign a deal and then you have got the set of wheels you wanted.
If the vehicle is on a Rent-To-Own on a private deal, make sure you have a contract drawn up with a Lawyer that both parties agree on. This will keep both parties safe and secure







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